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First Vice President


Jeffrey S. Gross

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Second Vice President


Frank Conti

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Recording Secretary


Michael Wilson

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2nd Vice President - Frank Conti

Frank Conti currently is the President of the Port Authority PBA.  He began his law enforcement career in 1994 as a Port Authority Police Officer and began his union career as a PBA delegate in 2000.  He has held the positions of Delegate, Trustee, Financial Secretary and then First Vice President in 2015. Frank was elected President of the PAPBA in January of 2022.  

Frank’s experience in labor negotiations and administration makes him a valued member of the PCNY Executive Team.

Frank was appointed to the PCNY board in 2023.

Executive Director - Dixon Palmer

Dixon A. Palmer is Executive Director of the Police Conference of New York. He has previously served as the First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, and Recording Secretary.

During his tenure at the PCNY, Dixon served as President of the Police Association of Suffolk County in 2001, and has held the position of Chairman of the Board of that organization since 2009.

In 1980, Dixon became a part-time Police Officer for the Riverhead Town Police Department and the Southampton Village Police Department, and became a full-time Police Officer for Riverhead in 1985, where he served as a patrol officer for five years.

In 1990, Dixon was assigned to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office East End Drug Task Force as an undercover Police Officer. He also worked in Riverhead’s street cime unit until he became a Detective, the rank he held until his retirement from the Police Department in January 2019.

Dixon was an active member of the Riverhead PBA for 31 of his 35 years in law enforcement, where he spent two years on the Board of Directors, 10 as Vice President, and 19 as President.

President - Michael O'Meara

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Recording Secretary - Michael Wilson

Mike Wilson, a life long Rochester, NY resident, has been a law enforcement officer for his hometown area since 2006. He's proudly worked with Greece Police Department for most of his career.

On top of his field experience, he's been heavily involved in the Greece Uniformed Patrolman's Association. With years as a watch rep, he then spent 3 years as Treasurer, a term as Vice President, and now as the President of the Finger Lakes Police Federation.

Treasurer - Daniel Fitzpatrick

Daniel Fitzpatrick is the President of the Suffolk County Detectives Association (SDA). He has worked in Suffolk County law enforcement for the past twenty-nine years, the last eighteen of which as a Detective. He has also spent fifteen years holding a union leadership position within the SDA, holding every key position from Delegate, Trustee, Treasurer, to Vice President. Like his predecessors, Daniel remains vigilant in promoting a safe and healthy work environment for his members, as well as advocating for rights as officers.

Daniel also has over a decade of experience working in Albany. As a member of the New York State Association of PBAs legislative committee, he advocated for police officer rights and against issues that were not only detrimental to officer safety, but the public as well. For the past four years, Daniel has also served as the Treasurer of the NY State Association of PBAs. He was an integral part of the team that merged the two largest police organizations in New York. Daniel now serves as the Treasurer of the Police Conference of New York, which represents over 65,000 officers throughout the State.

Daniel is a lifelong resident of Long Island and has resided in Huntington for over 25 years with his wife Anne. Together they have raised their four children. When not working, Daniel enjoys camping, backpacking, woodworking, and is always up for a round of bad golf.

President - Michael O'Meara

PCNY President Michael O’Meara started his law enforcement career in 1990 as a Long Island Railroad Police Officer (MTA Police since 1998). He quickly became involved in the PBA, and served over the years as Delegate, Secretary, Vice President and as President of the MTA PBA. He has been serving as President of the MTA PBA since 2013.

He was appointed to the New York State Association of PBAs Legislative Committee as a lobbyist in 2001, requiring him to be present in Albany for all legislative session days advocating on behalf of the Police in NYS. He served the association in that capacity for 12 years before being appointed to the position of Treasurer. He eventually went on to serve as Vice President, and President of the association, and continued in that capacity until the merge with the PCNY in 2021, when he took on the new role of Executive Director of PCNY.

Michael has also served on the NYS Comptrollers Advisory Council, The NYS Governor’s Police Officer of the Year Committee, the NYS Police Officer Memorial Committee, as a Legislative Director and member of the Board of Directors for the NYS Public Employee Conference, and on numerous legislative panels and committees.

Sergeant-At-Arms - James Carty

Jim Carty started his law enforcement career in 1994 with the NYPD but quickly left to join the Rockville Centre Police Department. Jim joined the RVC PBA Board as a Delegate in 2000. He moved on to Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary before becoming President, a position he has held since 2008.

Jim is the current Vice President of the Nassau Police Conference and was Sergeant-At-Arms with the New York State Association of PBAs until its merger with the Police Conference of NY.

Jim lives in Nassau County with his wife and 3 children.

Counsel - James B. Tuttle

Jim Tuttle graduated from St. Lawrence University with a B.A. in 1971 and from the Albany Law School of Union University with a J.D. in 1975. He served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York from 1976-1981 when he joined the law firm of Harvey, Harvey, Mumford & Kingsley where he became a partner. He left that firm in 1987 to form the law firm of Dreyer, Kinsella, Boyajian & Tuttle. In 1995, he opened his own practice.

Jim has represented police officers throughout his career, defending them in civil rights actions and disciplinary proceedings, representing them as plaintiffs in 205-e cases and representing officers and PBAs in all matters involving the civil service law, the Retirement & Social Security Law and the Taylor Law. Jim has served as General Counsel to the Police Conference of New York, Inc. since 1987, and also represents numerous PBAs across upstate New York

Legislative Director - Bing Markee

Following more than 35 years as a Police Officer, and after advocating for his former union members and other law enforcement officers, and public employees in general, for many years, 2024 marks the 18th year Bing Markee has worked as a full-time registered lobbyist for various clients.  His firm, Bing Markee & Company, incorporated in New York in 2006, specializes in and concentrates on legislative advocacy at the state level in Albany, New York.

He currently serves as the Legislative Director of the Police Conference of New York (PCNY), an umbrella organization comprising hundreds of law enforcement labor unions and groups representing more than 50,000 professional police officers. PCNY is the largest police organization in New York State.  Formerly, Bing served as the Sergeant-at-Arms for the PCNY 1990-2005. He also served for many years as the Vice President At-Large, and as a member of the Legislative Committee, for the National Association of Police Organizations.

Bing represented the PCNY and the former New York State Association of PBAs on the Governor's Police Officer Memorial Advisory Committee, the Governor's Police Officer of the Year Award Committee, and the Comptroller's Advisory Council for the New York State Employees’ Retirement System.

In January 2007, Bing retired from the Port Authority (of New York & New Jersey) Police Department. He served on the Executive Board of the Port Authority PBA as an elected official for more than 27 years, including a full term as its President. He served as Chair of the Legislative and Pension Committee for the Port Authority PBA from 1993-2006.

Following the 9/11 attack, while serving as Co-Chair, with the venerable Floyd Holloway, of the New York State Public Employee Conference (NYSPEC) Legislative Committee, Bing was appointed to chair a new NYSPEC special committee, the 9/11 Committee.  The committee was tasked with fostering legislation to ensure that public employees impacted by the attack and the rescue and recoverty operations would be protected by law, then and in the future.  NYSPEC is an umbrella organization comprising a wide spectrum of some 90+ labor unions and groups representing more than one million active and retired public employees.  Upon Mr.  Holloway’s retirement in 2006, Bing served as sole chair of the Legislative Committee until 2023, when he was appointed NYSPEC Legislative Director.

Born in Manhattan, raised in the South Bronx and then Queens, Bing is proud to be "New York City born-and-bred".  At the age of 18, during the Vietnam War, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and is an honorably discharged combat veteran.  He is a Life Member of the following organizations:  Disabled American Veterans, Marine Corps League, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Vietnam Veterans of America, and is a proud recipient of the Vietnam Veterans of America National Achievement Medal.

He has a baccalaureate degree from SUNY's Empire State College, where he majored in Labor Studies.

A proud and loving Father and Grandfather, Bing lives happily ever after with none of his ex-wives.

1st Vice President - Jeffrey S. Gross

PCNY’s First Vice President Jeffrey S. Gross started his law enforcement career in 1986 as a New York City Transit Police Officer and was assigned to District 33. In 1987, Jeffrey rolled over to the New York City Police Department and was assigned to the 73rd precinct. In 1993, Jeffrey became a Nassau County Police Officer and was assigned to the Sixth Precinct. Jeffrey was promoted to Detective in 1998 and was assigned to the Sixth Squad, where he became the union Delegate in 2007. Throughout the years, Jeffrey served his union as a Delegate, Secretary, the First Vice President and is currently the President of the Nassau County Detectives Association Inc.

Jeffrey was appointed to the New York State Association of PBA’s Legislative Committee as a lobbyist in 2017, requiring him to be present in Albany for all legislative session days advocating on behalf of Police Officers throughout New York State. Jeffrey was appointed to the Legislative Committee of the Police Conference of New York in 2021 when the two associations merged.

Jeffrey holds a master’s degree from Long Island University. He also attended St. Joseph’s college and Suffolk Community College. Jeffrey has taken graduate classes as part of Harvard University’s continuing education and is a proud member of the Energia Partnership through Molloy University. In his spare time Jeffrey is the assistant rifle team coach at Chaminade High School. Jeffrey became an Eagle Scout in 1982 and enjoys giving back to the community. Jeffrey also likes to spend his time hiking, fishing, being outdoors and especially photography.

Born and raised on Long Island, Jeffrey grew up in a police family and currently resides in Manhasset with his wife and four children.