President's Message

Welcome to the website of the Police Conference of New York (PCNY)!

I am proud to serve as president of this great organization, which, after its merge in 2022 with the New York State Association of PBAs, is the largest police organization in New York, and among the largest statewide police organizations in the United States.

The PCNY represents the vast majority of professional police officers in the state, and the fully staffed office in our state’s capital, Albany, is where we carry out most of our work. This includes interacting and representing the law enforcement profession with our elected officials in both the legislative and executive branches. We help to formulate and advocate for legislation that enhances public safety, assists us in performance of police work, and fosters the maintenance and enhancement of the livelihood of our members and their families. And, of course, we try to prevent legislation that adversely affects our members and society.

As well as monitoring the activities in our capitol, we conduct seminars, compile information on police salaries, benefits, contracts and related issues, carry out public relations efforts in support of our profession, and assist our member units in any way we can.

It would be an understatement to say that our jobs, both as police officers and union officials, has become tougher over the last few years. Nonetheless, we stand ready to assist our members and the public in understanding the honorable and dedicated – often referred to as the “noble” – profession of policing. We continue to strive to reverse the damage that is being done in the media and in the legislature to the police profession in New York and throughout the country.

To our current members, I hope this website proves informational and helpful to you. To all other police labor groups in the great state of New York, we ask that you consider joining our ranks. There truly is power in numbers, and we look forward to working with you.

Michael O'Meara
Michael O'Meara
Police Conference of New York, President